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Our IMQ-Accredited Surgical Facility

Posted February 18, 2015 in cosmetic surgery, Patient Safety, Surgical Facility

Ensuring Patient Safety with Cosmetic Surgery We at O’Neil Skin & Lipo Medical Center are happy to promote that our surgical facility is accredited by the Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ). Obtaining IMQ accreditation is completely voluntary and signifies a practice’s commitment to quality and patient safety. What Is the Institute for Medical Quality? IMQ […]

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Put Your Best Face Forward in 2015

Posted February 04, 2015 in cosmetic surgery, Skin Rejuvenation

A Beautiful Face For the New Year The end of the year causes a lot of wear and tear on the body, and nothing is affected more harshly than the face. The cold weather chaps and dries skin. Stress etches in deep lines and wrinkles. The holidays cause people to neglect their normal healthy habits. […]

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Giver Her What She Really Wants for Christmas…Confidence!

Posted December 19, 2014 in Body Rejuvenation, CoolSculpting®, Liquid Facelift, Skin Rejuvenation, Smartlipo™

The holidays are right around the corner, and Christmas will be here before you know it. People often procrastinate up to the last minute and then scramble to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. This Christmas, if a woman in your life has been feeling dismayed by signs of aging or skin imperfections, […]

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Don’t Be a Turkey This Thanksgiving

Posted November 19, 2014 in Neck Lift

With the holiday season nearly upon us, you will likely be celebrating this time with your friends and family. While you get ready to eat the traditional turkey dinner this Thanksgiving, you’ll want to make sure you don’t look like one, too. Weight fluctuations along with aging can cause the skin in the neck to […]

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The Liquid Facelift

Posted October 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Preserving an attractive facial appearance is a constant process that requires year-round attention, especially during the summer season in Southern California. When the sun’s harmful rays combine with the loss of collagen that comes with natural aging, fine lines begin to develop. Over time, deep wrinkles and volume loss occur, causing a person’s facial appearance […]

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Posted June 05, 2013 in Home, Liposuction, Uncategorized

LOCAL OR GENERAL ANESTHESIA FOR  LIPOSUCTION? Surgeons differ in their opinion as to the proper anesthesia to be used for liposuction procedures.  Some prefer to use general anesthesia for all of their liposuction procedures.  Other liposurgeons recommend the use of local anesthesia.  Most liposurgeon specialists prefer a combination of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation “twilight anesthesia”. General […]

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Natural Breast Enlargement in Temecula

Posted August 19, 2012 in Fat Transfer, Home, Natural Breast Augmentation

CAN I HAVE MY BREASTS ENLARGED WITH MY OWN FAT? Breast augmentation with autologous (the patient’s fat) fat transfer has been performed by cosmetic surgeons for many years.  It is just a matter of finding a surgeon with expertise and experience with this technique. Most U.S. surgeons prefer saline or silicon gel implants for breast […]

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