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Natural Breast Augmentation in Temecula, CA

Natural breast augmentation, or “augmentation mammaplasty” using “autologous fat transfer,” repurposes the body’s existing excess fat to provide a subtle and natural increase in breast size.

This procedure allows women to receive the breast enhancement they desire without extensive surgery and long recovery times. Their breasts remain their own, only larger and fuller. It’s the ideal treatment for women who want a little boost in confidence.

How Can Natural Breast Augmentation Help?

Natural breast augmentation is actually two beneficial treatments in one that can transform the contours of the body and the breasts. First, liposuction removes troublesome fat from problem areas. Then, it is injected to naturally enhance the size of the breasts.

Removes Fat From Troublesome Areas

Fat transfer uses low-pressure liposuction to carefully remove stubborn fat cells from problem areas. Dr. O’Neil’s technique allows him to preserve a higher number of fat cells, which ensures a greater survival rate after transplantation.


  • Removes fat from common stubborn areas such as the hips, thighs, and abdomen
  • Tightens and firms skin
  • Tones and contours the area

Naturally Enlarges the Breasts

The fat cells that have been removed via liposuction are purified and injected into each breast to achieve subtle breast enhancement. Naturally enlarged breasts don’t feel altered but are visually fuller.


  • Minimally invasive
  • Low risk of complications
  • 100 percent natural tissue
  • Provides a subtle new breast contour
  • Retains breast sensitivity
  • Minimal scarring

Why Choose Fat Transfer Over Implants?

Fat Transfer

  • Uses the patient’s own tissue, which lowers the chances of the body rejecting it
  • Results in minimal scarring at the site of liposuction, which will fade over time
  • Does not require large scars on the breasts,
  • Maintains breast and nipple sensitivity
  • The breasts have the same tone and tissue feel as they did before the procedure
  • Offers body contouring for an overall enhancement to your physique
  • Can correct breast asymmetry


  • As a foreign object, implants have a greater chance of being rejected by the patient’s body
  • Results in visible scarring around the areola or along the inframammary fold
  • Risk of reduced breast sensitivity and complete loss of nipple sensation
  • Breasts may feel noticeably “fake”
  • Breasts may appear disproportionately large
  • Only increases breast size; doesn’t correct any other trouble areas

What Do You Desire After Natural Breast Augmentation?

A Fuller Chest

With natural breast augmentation, you can achieve a subtle increase in the size of your bust. Your breasts will look larger, but you’ll be the only one to know why!

A Natural Shape and Feel

Since fat transfer utilizes 100 percent patient-harvested tissue, your breasts will still have a natural shape and feel. Nobody will know you weren’t born with your fabulous bustline.

A Toned Body

The liposuction procedure harvests stubborn fat deposits that are difficult to eliminate with diet and exercise. You’ll be pleased with your new toned and firmer body contours.

Clothing That Fits Better

The increase in your breast size will allow you to fill out your tops better. Dresses will give you a sexy silhouette, and you’ll be ready to try on that bikini. Fat transfer will also have you slipping into your favorite skinny jeans again after eliminating stubborn fat, such as “saddlebags” or that fatty “muffin top.”

Increase in Self-Confidence

Feeling better in and out of your clothing will give you that boost in confidence you’ve been searching for. Feeling sexy and attractive can dramatically improve your social and private life.

What Are Your Concerns About Natural Breast Augmentation?


One of the benefits of natural breast augmentation is the quick recovery time. Many patients are back to work in two days but may experience slight bruising for up to three weeks.

Will I Have Scars After Natural Breast Augmentation?

There will be no scarring on or around the breasts since the fat is injected with a very fine needle. However, there may be slight scarring at your liposuction site. These short scars are easily hidden with clothing and should fade over time. 

How Much Does Natural Breast Augmentation Cost?

The cost of natural breast augmentation is determined on a patient-by-patient basis, but most start at $5,500. The surgeon, facility, anesthesia, and associated fees will all affect the ultimate cost of your procedure. The volume of fat removed and the number of harvesting sites will also affect the price of natural breast augmentation surgery. During your initial consultation, Dr. O’Neil will discuss the cost of your particular procedure.

The O’Neil Skin and Lipo Center offers financing options through Care Credit for qualifying patients.

Is Natural Breast Augmentation Painful?

Your breasts may initially feel tender as they adjust to the new tissue. The most pain will be at the liposuction site. You will be prescribed medication to control any associated discomfort, and your pain should subside within a week.

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