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I have been a male patient of Dr. Kelly O’Neil for a few years. He has done excellent work keeping my face looking young with Botox and fillers. he has a great touch, and my face hardly looks marked after work. I have seen several of his other patients and attended a seminar. His innovative, safe, cost­effective procedures have done wonders for many people. He is caring, very skilled, knowledgeable and experienced, listens to his patients’ ideas, communicates well, has a good sense of humor and a fabulous, personable bedside manner: he makes you feel like a close friend. He surrounds himself with competent, caring staff. I highly recommend him.*


Murrieta, CA

Dr. O”Neil

I want to thank you for the second chance of feeling confident and good about myself. I’m already happy with the results and I’m not even finished healing yet. Even the transformation
process was therapeutic. There is so much to learn when you are not feeling well. Thank you again for the good work you do to make people feel pretty inside and out.*


Martha Wine

I had skin rejuvenation on my face done by Dr. O’Neil. I also had restylane injections. I am
thrilled with the results. Honestly when I look in the mirror my face looks 10 yr. younger. The procedure is non­surgical, natural looking, and long lasting. He and his staff are very conscientious and professional. I stayed at his retreat site for five days after the procedure, and the nurses were wonderful. He does free informational seminars at various locations. I was nervous about having any procedure done on my face, but it was well worth it.*


I was very nervous about having the skin rejuvenation process done, but now I am thrilled that I had it done along w/restylane injections at the sides of my mouth. I do not have a wrinkle on my face! It is so wonderful to look so youthful again (I’m 61). I would recommend this procedure to anyone looking for an alternate to going under the knife as I don’t like the look of people who have had plastic surgery. This is just so natural looking. All personnel connected with Dr. Oneil’s clinic, including the recovery retreat, were all so very helpful in every way. This is a painless procedure overall. I’m loving my new look so much and thank Dr. Oneil for his excellence in skin care that makes a difference in someone’s life!*

Cynthia Oddy

Dr. O’Neil did a Liposuction procedure on my body recently. I am thrilled with the results! I look and feel much younger ­­ and thinner! The staff was really great to work with, especially Louise Wood ­­ Very friendly and Knowledgeable! The entire staff are all very professional and always were very responsive with any of my questions. The recovery period wasn’t very long and I didn’t feel much pain, if any at all.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. O’Neil and his Lipo Medical Center for anyone looking to have Liposuction done on them! They are the BEST! No other doctor compares!!!*


I think that Dr. O’Neil and his staff are experienced, educated, and informational. I was referred to Dr. O’Neil by a close friend that had two procedures done and was very pleased with Dr. O’Neil’s work. I was educated during my consultation about the pros and cons. Dr. O’Neil was very honest and even offered other options to think about. Once I decided to go forth with my procedure (Smart Lipo on my tummy, hips, back, and chin) I was consulted and given a ton of information to prepare me for the procedure. The staff was kind and walked me through every single step. I must have called a handful of times with questions before the procedure and I was always greeted with excellent care. My nurse the day of the procedure walked me through each step to insure that I was comfortable at all times. She has been with Dr. O’Neil for 15 years and it showed! I followed all of the steps listed in the information packet regarding recovery after my procedure and my recovery went very well. I did not have any complications at all. My post­op follow up appointments were scheduled like clock work by Dr. O’Neil’s office and each one I was able to have significant time with the Doctor to go over my questions. It has been five months since my procedure and all areas of my body that the procedure addressed are healing well and looking great. I am very please with Dr. O’Neil’s practice and staff and would refer others to his office to seek consultation for the services that he offers. I am very pleased.*


I had a small amount of smart lipo down to my cheeks. They had always been bottom heavy giving me a sort of chipmunk cheek appearance. Even with such a small adjustment, Dr. O’neil nailed it. He understood what I wanted and took out just the right amount to not be too drastic but to see an improvement.

His bedside manner was beyond expectations. Even when I went in for my consultation, I expected him to only chat with me for maybe a minute or two (as most doctors in my experience do), especially since it was such a small procedure. He stayed for much longer, until we had exhausted the subject, and never once did he seem rushed or preoccupied about getting to the next patient.

Dr. O’neil and his nurses were so reassuring on the day of the procedure. They certainly calm your nerves! I received a phone call from the doc himself as a follow­up.

Great staff and they care about doing it right, as shows in their work! Thanks guys!*


I went to Dr. O’Neil after 3 other surgeons told me that I NEEDED a facelift to get rid of my
wrinkles and age spots and bags under my eyes. I knew Dr. O’Neil had a “special procedure” that was safe and didn’t require surgery….but I thought I was too far gone. I was also frustrated from dieting and working out with no results. During my consultation with Dr. O’Neil regarding my face and my body I felt very comfortable because he answered all my questions and concerns. I appreciated his honesty and loved all of the “before and after” photos. I was comfortable with my decision to proceed with both the face skin rejuvenation and the lipo because he has performed over thousands of each procedure! There was no doubt that Dr. O’Neil was the most experienced Doctor for me! I had the lipo done on Friday and went back to work on Monday (I dropped two pants sizes over the weekend)!!!!!….and zero discomfort ­ I never even took a Tylenol. I had my face rejuvenation done seven weeks ago and I ecstatic every time I look in the mirror ­ seriously….I look like I did 15 years ago. This procedure was so easy…no surgery….no discomfort. The benefits that I have received from both of these procedures has not only effected me physically in how I look but mentally as well. I am no longer self conscious of looking old, tired and out of shape. This is the best decision I have ever made for myself. Thank you Dr. O’Neil and your wonderful staff!!*


My experience, lipo with Dr. O’Neil was exceptional in every way. This procedure has advanced considerable in the last years. It doesn’t require much down time at all, approxiamately one day. The pain is minimal; I maybe took 1­2 pain pills throughout the whole process until healed. The difference has been remarkable. I would encourage any one who has areas they are uncomfortable with. There is no reason to have to hide or not be your full self! The staff are wonderful, caring people. You feel like you are their only client.*


I had been wanting to get the skin rejuvenation. I am 56 years old, and have been doing my own TCA peels but wanted a deeper peel with the apparent “lift” that I saw in Dr O’Neill’s before and after pictures. After the seminar (very enlightening, recommended), I asked the doctor for an evaluation. He said the procedure would not do me enough good to be worth the expense since my skin was in fairly good condition. Wow! What an honest doctor, turning away business like that! But I was also thinking about a neck lift, so I scheduled that instead. I am very glad I did! No more Turkey Neck! It is amazing that my face looks so much younger because I don’t sag below it. The staff were friendly and helpful, very caring. It has been 2 months now, and it gets better and better, tighter and the swelling is almost all gone. I would definitely use Dr. O’Neill again!*


Dr. O’neil performed his magic on my face with a full chemical peel in January, 1989, when I was 42. My friends told me I didn’t need it, but I did it anyway. It was like night and day! When I was 48, I went to a club and was CARDED!!! I thought it was a set­up by my friends since it was my birthday, but, no, the woman at the door would not let me in until she saw my ID. Then she told me I was 10 years older than she. It made my decade! And I still grin about it from time to time. I am now 65 and people still think I am in my 40’s or 50’s. I absolutely recommend the procedure. The 10 day recuperation period is painless and pampered. It’s the best vacation you will ever have: it lasts for 20 years or more! Actaully, for me it’s been 23 years and I am just now thinking about getting the T­zone re­done. I will warn you of this: DON’T CRACK THE MASK! I did, and under my chin is the only place my age really shows….but, it’s been 23 years and I am 65. So, I guess it’s time to show a little bit. But, it’s also time to make it go away again.*


There is nothing out there that can do better than Doctor Oneils skin rejuvenation! I am so happy with my results,I also had liposculpture,fillers and botox .He has a great staff and He takes time to listen to what your needs are.*


My experience with Dr. O’Neil and his staff couldn’t have been better!! From scheduling my first appointment to following up with me after my procedure they couldn’t have been better. I am so thrilled with the results of my complexion peel that my sister is having her face done too!!


MY LIPOSCULPTURE WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!!! Dr. O’Neil gave me a new lease on life with my new shape. I was never too overweight, however I had a few problem areas that no matter how hard I worked out I couldn’t get rid of them. Those saddlebags would never leave me. Now they are gone for good. I was amazed at how easy and pain free it was. I wish I had it done sooner. The girls in his front office were great too!*


I am happy to see that Dr. O’Neil is still offering cosmetic services in Temecula. I had a lipo
procedure done and the results were fantastic! Not long after my procedure I had moved out if the area and I wasn’t sure if he was still practicing. I just moved back to the area and it is great to know that when I am ready for another procedure he is still there!*


I have had 3 procedures and the results are phenomenal I couldn’t be happier. I had a facial rejuvenation and no one comes close to guessing my age, sometimes missing by 20 years. I also had liposuction. My arms look really good they are not hanging and look much tighter. my belly flattened out nicely and I cannot see any incisions at all .Dr Oneil was great It all went very smoothly. His staff are all super great. I highly recommend him. He and his team have a lot of experience and it shows*


I have been a male patient of Dr. Kelly O’Neil for a few years. He has done excellent work keeping my face looking young with Botox and fillers. He has a great touch, and my face hardly looks marked after work. I have seen several of his other patients and attended a seminar. His innovative, safe, cost­effective procedures have done wonders for many people. He is caring, very skilled, knowledgeable and experienced, listens to patients’ ideas, communicates well, has a good sense of humor and a fabulous, personable bedside manner: he makes you feel like a close friend. He surrounds himself with competent, caring staff. I highly recommend him.*


To Dr. O’Neil

Thank you for the wonderful results I’ve experienced with the skin rejuvenation! WOW!! I’ve had some “double takes” and “wows” from friends and family – quite fun to experience.

I cannot thank Rebecca enough for her welcoming home and her constant care and availability – she is a treasure and enhances the experience in a huge way.

Cindy has encouraged me and has been constantly available this past year since I first met her. Without her, I may not have done this – I can’t thank her enough.

These 2 ladies are irreplaceable additions to your business, they make it happen!

Thank you, again*


I can tell you how my husband reacted! I left the Retreat a day early, so when he got home from work, I was sitting in the den. As he walked through the door, he stopped and he looked at me and he got a great big grin on his face and he said yes, I t was worth you being gone ten days.*

Eunice Downey Testimonial

Age: 62

I know this kind of thing costs money and I thought about it. I could have taken a cruise and spent the money, but what would I have to show for it after two weeks? I could bring back some photos and people would ask me if I had a good trip. I would say, oh yes I had a wonderful time. But I decided I was going to spend this money and invest it on myself. It was a great investment because I enjoy this everyday and it just makes me very happy!*

Jenny Snelson Testimonial

Age: 84

I think the thing that impressed me, I won’t say the most, but very strongly, was the time that I spent at the Retreat. The professionalism of the staff was more than I had hoped for and that is saying a lot in today’s world, and the service that you get.*

Helen Nichols Testimonial

Age 69

I’ve been divorced for about a year now so I’m in the dating game, I guess you’d say, and it seems like now when I go out, there are a lot more younger men that are talking to me and they will say something like, well gee you’re about thirty­two right? Sometimes I just say yes, you’re right!*

Gayle Maxse Testimonial

Age: 44

One of the highlights when I came home from the Retreat was my twenty­one year old son. We hadn’t told him I was going there, we were going to have this be a surprise and when he saw me, he said, oh mom, I can’t believe it! It’s weird, he said, you look so young. You look younger than you did when I was born! So anyway, it really was quite a thrill. It made me feel so good. And then I have a step­daughter and she couldn’t stand the fact that her step­mother looked younger than she did and so she went to Dr. O’Neil. And now she looks fabulous too.*

Muriel Ganzer Testimonial

Age: 60

I had the skin rejuvenation treatment at the O’Neil Center about eighteen months ago. I have a story which tells how strongly I feel and what a wonderful thing that happened to me. Shortly after having the treatment, I went out of state and attended a lovely luncheon with an attractive young man who was in his middle thirties and several times I was mistaken for a girlfriend. He is married, and so we got kind of a kick out of it. He did have the opportunity to introduce me, so he introduced me to this very large group saying, this is the most beautiful woman in the world, this is my mother.*

Nadine McIntosh Testimonial

Age: 53

So the next thing I knew, I was signed up and I had the procedure done five years ago and I’m so happy I did it. I would recommend it to anybody.*

Marye Pavloff Testimonial

Age: 67

It’s such a wonderful, elated feeling when you see a younger “you”. It’s almost impossible, everyone I know who has gone through this wonderful process says the same thing, you just cannot convey the delight that you feel about having a nicer, prettier, lovelier skin*

Marge DePietro Testimonial

Age: 71

I am 72 years old and had high expectations for the Skin Rejuvenation procedure and must say I was amazed. It was much better than I had hoped for! It took many years off my face and my skin looks and feels so smooth. It has been two years now since I had the procedure and just last week a cute young lady was standing next to me, she kept looking at me and finally said, “I just have to tell you, you have the prettiest skin. You are a very pretty lady”.

I have never felt so good in my life thanks to Dr. O’Neil. He and the staff were a caring wonderful team. I cannot say enough about it and the personal lift I received from it.*

B. Freeman

I had Smartlipo on my upper arms and stomach. The staff was very accommodating and efficient in processing the requirements for the procedure. Dr. O’Neil answered all my concerns and was very reassuring. I was scheduled right away and it went perfectly!!! I had the procedure done on a Friday and was back to work on Monday morning. It was a great experience. I look and feel great and should have done it sooner!*


I went to Dr. O’Neil because some of my friends had the skin rejuvenation procedure done and they looked fabulous. I was very nervous but after it was over I realized I had nothing to be nervous about. There was absolutely no pain involved at all. It was so simple. And now, I have people telling me that my skin looks really pretty. I’ve never in my life had anyone tell me that I have pretty skin, even when I was young! I owe it all to Dr. O’Neil. I would recommend him to anyone (and I do)!*

Darice Nicoletti

I have been a patient of Dr. O’Neil’s for over 5 years and I have had three different procedures performed. Each time I have been impressed with how professional the staff has been and how at ease they make me feel the day of the procedures. I am VERY pleased with the results I have had! Dr. O’Neil is easy to talk to and he always makes me feel he has my best interests at heart. He is extremely professional while being very personable at the same time. He seems to be a perfectionist, which is exactly what you want from someone who is working to improve your appearance!!! I have recommended him to several of my friends and certainly will continue to in the future.*


I can’t tell you how many times people comment on how great my skin looks! I am always tempted to tell them that I had skin rejuvenation done, but then I figure, nah, I’ll just let them think I got this skin naturally! The procedure was such an amazing process. I think the most
remarkable thing was that it was absolutely painless! And, it was like spending a week at a fancy resort when I stayed at Renate’s guest house­I truly enjoyed it and felt completely taken care of! I would do it again in a heartbeat!*

Grace Lowe

I had the Smartlipo on my abdomen and was very satisfied with the results! Dr. O’Neil was caring and professional. I was pleasantly surprised that he called me personally to check up on me the next day. I chose to stay at the Retreat for a night after my procedure and it was very pleasant there.*

J. K.

I had the skin rejuvenation procedure 2 years ago. It took away my wrinkles after trying many other procedures that did not work, like Thermage, Dermabrasion and laser treatments. I love the smooth skin that I now have. There is no pain and no cutting, which was what I was looking for. Dr. O’Neil is very caring of his patients.*

Leah Rogers

I am so satisfied with my liposculpture procedure! Love the staff, they were very helpful. Thank you Dr. O’Neil.*

Jennifer Ruiz

I had some Liposculpture done with Dr. O’Neil and am very excited with the results. Not only did he remove the fat, he sculpted my body. I went from a size 14 to a size 10 in just three months! There was minimal down time, I went to work the next day. His staff is professional and caring. I did my research, had consultations with a few other doctors and am so glad I went with Dr. O’Neil.

Thank you Dr. O’Neil for lifting my self esteem!*

Clara A.

VERY HAPPY, that’s me almost one year after my Skin Rejuvenation procedure! (chemical peel) by Dr. O’Neil.

At 62 I now can pass as a sister to my daughter J. My husband, a retired facial surgeon, was impressed with the high standards and skills of Dr O’Neil. His professional staff and facilities were outstanding!*

Rebecca Proffitt

I want to describe my experience having a Neck lift performed by Dr. Kelly O’Neil. To me, having any cosmetic procedure involves research to obtain the best doctor, and to view the results of patients who have had similar work done. My expectation is that the results will be natural­ looking and will meet my expectations. A while has passed since my surgery and I am still as pleased with my new look as I was when it was first done. Dr. O’Neil not only met, but exceeded my expectations. His positive and caring staff assisted in making it a positive experience for me!*

Dee C.

Dear Dr. O’Neil,

July 31st marks one year since I underwent the O’Neil Skin Rejuvenation. Today, there is significant improvement to the texture, clarity and tightness of my skin, due to the newly increased collagen layer, which is what I had hoped this procedure would produce. You were able to reduce the appearance of a scar I had above my lips thru the process, which no other doctor would attempt with any procedure. My overall face appears lifted, fresh and much more youthful.

I am so grateful for the final results…thank you! You are a blessing! You were wonderful thru the entire process. I would do it again…in a heartbeat. It is the best thing I’ve done for myself.

Your office staff is wonderful. They are attentive, thoughtful and caring. Everyone I came into
contact with is an asset to your team.*


* Every case is different and results do vary. I will be able to address your individual case during your consultation.