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Hand Rejuvenation

Are your hands showing your age? You may be a candidate for on of our hand rejuvenation procedures at the O’Neil Skin and Lipo Center.

There are 2 aging problems of the hands. One is sun damage causing spotting and discoloration. Sun damage also causes wrinkles and loose skin. These problems can be treated with laser and chemical peels. The treatment is a simple “outpatient” procedure performed with local anesthesia. There is no “down time” but the skin looks dry and “scaly” while it is healing (2 weeks). You may perform most normal activities while the hands heal.

Improvement in pigmentation and texture can be expected. Costs are $500 to $1000.

Another aging factor to the hands is thinning of the skin, loss of collagen tissue, and fat loss to the hands. This results in a “boney” look and more prominent veins.

This type of aging problem can be treated with fat (yours) injection/transfer into the dorsum of the hands. This is also performed with local anesthesia. Treatment time is about an hour. Results are immediate and there is no “down time”. Results are long lasting.

The cost of fat transfer to the hands is $2000.

Call us at (800) 541-3764 and schedule an evaluation with Dr. O’Neil to see if you are a candidate for one or both of these procedures.