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Category: Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer Procedures for Body Contouring

Posted July 31, 2023

3 Minute Read:  If you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery, you may consider ways to augment your breasts or behind while simultaneously smoothing and contouring your hips and waist. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider fat transfer.  At O’Neil Skin & Lipo Medical Center, we understand that many people want to improve their […]

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Alternative to Implants

Posted December 22, 2017

Having fuller breasts or a more shapely behind can complement your curves beautifully. If you don’t have the overall body shape you desire, you might want to consider enhancement procedures. If you feel that implants just aren’t for you, you don’t like the invasiveness of the surgery to place implants, or you don’t believe they […]

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3 Things to Know Before Your Butt Augmentation

Posted February 28, 2017

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your butt? Shapely, curvaceous behinds are becoming increasingly popular, and many women struggle to change the look of their flat backside naturally. There are plenty of workout gurus who say the proper exercise will provide you with the aesthetic you might want, but the truth is that some […]

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How to Preserve the Results of Fat Transfer

Posted August 29, 2016

Fat transfer is a revolutionary procedure designed to restore volume to the face, breasts, or buttocks without using synthetic fillers and products. Many men and women are drawn to fat transfer because of the overall body contouring result that it achieves. However, patients may be skeptical about whether fat transfer can provide the results they […]

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Posted April 26, 2016

Am I A Good Candidate For Butt Augmentation Using Fat Transfer Or Implants? Butt augmentation is showing a rising popularity in patients and cosmetic surgery. Options include fat grafting and butt augmentation with implants. This article will outline the differences in these techniques. Butt Augmentation Using Fat Transfer In a butt enhancement with fat transfer […]

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Breast Enlargement Through Fat Transfer: Am I A Good Candidate?

Posted April 26, 2016

Breast Enlargement Through Fat Transfer First, and foremost, patients who desire breast enlargement/enhancement through fat grafting must have sufficient fat to harvest. Many patients, with small breasts, are thin and do not have enough fat on their body to provide a good breast enlargement result. These patients often “think” they have plenty of fat to […]

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Natural Breast Enlargement in Temecula

Posted August 19, 2012

CAN I HAVE MY BREASTS ENLARGED WITH MY OWN FAT? Breast augmentation with autologous (the patient’s fat) fat transfer has been performed by cosmetic surgeons for many years.  It is just a matter of finding a surgeon with expertise and experience with this technique. Most U.S. surgeons prefer saline or silicon gel implants for breast […]

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