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Fat Transfer Procedures for Body Contouring

Posted July 31, 2023 in Fat Transfer

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If you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery, you may consider ways to augment your breasts or behind while simultaneously smoothing and contouring your hips and waist. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider fat transferWoman getting injection in her buttock.

At O’Neil Skin & Lipo Medical Center, we understand that many people want to improve their appearance without looking like they’ve had anything “done.” That’s why we offer fat transfer procedures to augment the natural beauty of your breasts, buttocks, face, and hands

Below, we discuss some of our most popular fat transfer procedures.  

What Is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is known by many names: fat grafting, autologous fat transfer, or fat injections. No matter what it’s called, the result is the same — giving you the look you desire using your fat

Fat transfer involves taking fat from one part of your body (typically the abdomen, hips, or thighs) and injecting it into a part of your body you’d like to enhance. The two-step procedure begins with Dr. O’Neil performing liposuction and preparing the fat. The harvested fat cells are then strategically reinjected into the body to augment and add volume to your breasts, buttocks, or hands.  

Brazilian Butt Lift With Fat Transfer

By far, the most popular fat transfer procedure is known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift,” or BBL. This procedure adds volume to your buttocks using fat transfer and enhances your shape further by performing liposuction of the waist and flanks as the source of the fat. 

The BBL results in fuller and more shapely buttocks that look and feel natural — that’s because they are. Unlike buttock implants, fat transfer uses your own body fat to sculpt your buttocks into the more attractive shape you’ve been trying to achieve through exercise. This method of contouring your body far outpaces artificial buttock implants in popularity and is a safe way to get the rear end of your dreams.

Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation or Reconstruction

In some cases, women undergo breast augmentation not for a noticeable increase in size but to add a bit of oomph or definition to their cleavage. Weight loss, breastfeeding, and aging can cause a loss of volume in your breasts, but fat transfer can restore their shape by adding fat to the upper pole. Fat transfer also offers the advantages of breast augmentation without invasive surgery or anesthesia. 

Fat transfer is also used in breast reconstruction, with or without implants. Whether you want larger or smaller breasts, fat transfer is an excellent option. You may use only fat transfer during reconstruction or use it with implants to fill in extra spaces and fine-tune your results. 

Whatever you decide, fat transfer is a perfect way to restore the shape and size of your breasts after a mastectomy.

Fat Transfer for Youthful Hands

One telltale sign of aging is when your hands begin to lose volume and your bones and veins become more prominent and noticeable. If your hands are starting to show signs of volume loss, you don’t have to live with it. Fat transfer gives your hands a plumper appearance, smoothing away the appearance of veins and thinning skin and restoring a more youthful contour.

Learn More About Fat Transfer in Temecula, CA

At O’Neil Skin & Lipo Center, Dr. O’Neil prides himself on offering a wide variety of procedures designed to enhance and beautify — all without invasive surgery. While Dr. O’Neil is a surgeon, he has consciously dedicated his practice to perfecting cosmetic procedures that offer maximum results while keeping your natural beauty at the forefront. 

For more information on utilizing fat transfer to contour your face and body, call us today at 951-296-1690 to schedule a consultation or fill out our online contact form.