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Posted April 26, 2016 in Body Contouring, Body Rejuvenation, Butt Enhancement, Fat Transfer, Home, Natural Butt Enhancement

Am I A Good Candidate For Butt Augmentation Using Fat Transfer Or Implants?

Butt augmentation is showing a rising popularity in patients and cosmetic surgery. Options include fat grafting and butt augmentation with implants. This article will outline the differences in these techniques.

Butt Augmentation Using Fat Transfer

In a butt enhancement with fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) the fat is first removed from another area of the patient, like the abdomen. It may then be treated with collagen, an enzyme to stimulate release of fat stem cells or plasma. Both techniques serve the purpose of increasing fat cell survival.

Buttock Augmentation Using Fat Transfer - Before and After Picture

Buttock Augmentation Using Fat Transfer – Before and After Picture

The fat is then injected into the buttock muscle tissue to enhance, round, and plump the bottom. The fat must come from the same patient having the augmentation.

Butt Augmentation Using Implants

Alternatively, an implant, much like a breast implant, may be placed under the buttocks muscle (gluteus maximus) with a surgical technique. With some surgeons a combination of fat transfer and implant may be used.

Transplant butt augmentation, like breast implants, can cause capsular contracture and scarring requiring implant removal. Infection rate is low in both procedures but about 4 times more likely in implant surgery. Asymmetry is rare but more likely in implant augmentation as is seroma formation.

Fat grafting for butt augmentation is becoming more popular with surgeons and patients, primarily because it is less invasive, can be performed with local and sedation anesthesia (versus general anesthesia  with implant augmentation), is less costly (usually depending on the surgeon), and is more natural. Disadvantages are that the fat grafting augmentation may not be as great as with implant augmentation, the patient must have enough fat to transplant, and the procedure is associated with more “unevenness”, lumps and bumps, than implant augmentation.

Overall, patient satisfaction of the cosmetic results is high in both procedures but a little higher in implant augmentation. This is due to inconsistency in the rate of fat ”take” of fat transfer patients and because some patients just don’t have enough fat to harvest for a good butt augmentation.

Overall the results of fat transfer butt augmentation are more inconsistent when compared to implant augmentation but this inconsistency is offset by the risk of capsular contracture which is seen only in implant surgery.

Dr. Kelly O’Neil

Dr. O’Neil is a cosmetic surgeon in Temecula, California.  His practice specializes in liposculpture and fat transfer procedures, serving surrounding communities including Fallbrook, Murrieta, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Perris, Hemet, South Corona, Riverside, Corona, Menifee and Sun City.  Please contact our office with any questions or to schedule a complimentary consultation.