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Cosmetic Rejuvenation Seminars

Seminars are given by Dr Kelly O’Neil, a Cosmetic Surgeon, to educate potential aesthetic patients about new advances and technologies in Facial Rejuvenation. Nonsurgical procedures and techniques are explored and compared to conventional surgical procedures.
In the last 5 years Cosmetic and Plastic surgery procedures have dropped 25-30% while, at the same time, nonsurgical cosmetic procedures have risen over 100%. Patients prefer nonsurgical procedures because they are less invasive, safer, and less expensive.

Also, there are no scars involved. When properly performed; non-surgical cosmetic procedures are usually more natural looking as well.

Examples of non-surgical modalities to be discussed are Botox, Fillers (Restylane and Juvederm), liquid face and handlifts, chemical peels, ultrasound skin tightening, nonsurgical facelifts, lasers (fraxel), and radio frequency (Thermage, Titan). Dr O’Neil will demonstrate and explain why non-surgical technologies are superior to surgery for the removal of facial wrinkles and sun damage.