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Why Can’t I Squat My Way to a Perfect Behind?

Posted June 17, 2019 in Brazilian Butt Lift

In a generation where most people are glued to their phone screens, you can find an abundance of channels and social media personalities focusing on the importance of fitness and beauty.

Many men and women who rely on fitness videos may not realize that social media fitness stars perpetuate the idea that exercise is always the key to achieving the backside you want.

While it is important to have a toned butt, genetics and your natural body frame may make it impossible to achieve the butt profile you want. Fortunately, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can shape and define the curves you have always wanted.

Image of sporty athletic woman in sneakers and tracksuit squatting

A sporty athletic woman in sneakers and tracksuit squatting

How Much Can Squatting Help?

Whether you are into fitness for the sake of your health or trying to achieve the perfect booty, everyone has a different physique they are trying to achieve. You have to take your aesthetic goals and balance them with the natural shape of your body. The more you squat and perform other exercises, the higher your chances will be of attaining that perfect body shape. Unfortunately, many people have packed schedules, which means they do not have time to exercise.

Although there are many fitness resources online that promise a large and shapely backside in a few just weeks, it is ultimately up to you to want to make that change. Social media fitness stars cannot see you through their screens; they have no way of letting you know if you are doing the workouts correctly.

What Can Brazilian Butt Lift Do for Me?

Some plastic surgery procedures can make it obvious that the patient has undergone surgery. The Brazilian Butt Lift leaves natural-looking results to create a more attractive appearance without revealing that surgical work has been done.

The success rate of fat transfer will also vary for each patient. In general, about 20 to 40 percent of fat that was injected into the treated area is reabsorbed into the body. The remaining fat will be what augments the appearance of your butt. The reabsorption rate is accounted for during the fat harvesting process.

Because Brazilian Butt Lift surgery removes excess fat from several areas of your body, this means you can also achieve slimmer body contours while improving your buttocks.

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