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Our IMQ-Accredited Surgical Facility

Posted February 18, 2015 in cosmetic surgery, Patient Safety, Surgical Facility

Ensuring Patient Safety with Cosmetic Surgery

We at O’Neil Skin & Lipo Medical Center are happy to promote that our surgical facility is accredited by the Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ). Obtaining IMQ accreditation is completely voluntary and signifies a practice’s commitment to quality and patient safety.

What Is the Institute for Medical Quality?

Ensuring Patient Safety with Cosmetic Surgery

IMQ is a nonprofit organization that promotes quality healthcare and patient safety through accreditation and education. They accredit ambulatory facilities, and their program has been officially recognized by the Medical Board of California as an approved accrediting body for outpatient surgical facilities. The IMQ’s goal is to provide outpatient surgical facilities with a practical, meaningful, and cost-effective method for improving healthcare quality.

The Accreditation Process

There is a three-stage process to become accredited by IMQ: the application, the survey, and the decision. Each part of the process is to ensure that every facility meets the highest standards of patient care.

Step One: The Application

To apply for accreditation, the surgical facility has to have been operating for at least six months and is required to submit documentation of their services provided and standards for patient care. It is up to each facility to make sure they meet the latest IMQ standards and are ready to be surveyed.

Step Two: The Survey

During the surveying process, key personnel will be interviewed, procedures will be observed, and it will be validated that all policies are followed. The survey reviews and verifies the following:

  • Administration: scope of services, availability of patient rights documentation, adherence to administrative policies and procedures

  • Personnel: physician credentials, adherence to staff policies and procedures

  • Medical records: surgery and invasive diagnostic records, HIPAA, and clinical record confidentiality are all up-to-date and in order

  • Facility and environmental safety: infection control, fire safety, emergency preparation, and medical equipment are all verified for safety

  • Surgical, anesthesia, and invasive diagnostics: all meet standards to provide quality patient care

Step Three: The Decision

All accreditation decisions are made by the Ambulatory Care Review Committee that is comprised of physicians and a facility administrator. The final accreditation decision is not made by the person who surveyed the facility. Facilities can receive a three-year accreditation (95 percent of standards are fully met) or a one-year accreditation (less than 95 percent of standards are met). Facilities can be denied accreditation if any regulatory requirement is not met on the day of the survey.

Why Choose an Accredited Facility?

By choosing an IMQ-accredited surgical facility, you are ensuring that the practice has your best interests at heart. You can be confident knowing that a facility that has been certified by the IMQ will provide the highest quality surgical technology, cleanliness, and personnel. O’Neil Skin & Lipo Medical Center voluntarily became IMQ accredited to show their commitment to making every patient’s experience safe, friendly, and excellent.

If you want to have your procedures performed in an accredited surgical facility, schedule your consultation at O’Neil Skin & Lipo Medical Center today. Please call (888) 820-5762 or fill out our online contact form.